Instagram Reel Mastery

Learn the secrets of growing your followers & influence using Instagram Reels. Enroll in the Reels Mastery Course now to become an expert in Instagram reels. Then get a chance to learn the biggest and top secrets from leading Instagram influencers in the world.

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Created by Vaibhav Kesarwani , ONVID Solutions Updated course Hindi
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What will i learn?
  • Learn how to create a successful themed, business, or personal account on Instagram
  • Understand the platform specific and growth marketing jargon associated with Instagram
  • Design a cost & time effective content
  • Use scheduling tools like Buffer & Later to better control & manage their future posts
  • Increase engagement in their posts with effective caption and CTA strategies
  • Use Final Cut Pro and adobe Premiere to successfully put together and export Instagram videos

Curriculum for this course
29 Lessons 04:46:47 Hours
What's ATM UP Formula ?
5 Lessons 00:50:30 Hours
  • What is ATM UP ? 00:04:16 Preview
  • What is A? 00:09:11
  • Whats is T? 00:12:03
  • What is M? 00:08:27
  • What is U & P? 00:16:33
Fears of Reel Creators
5 Lessons 00:51:22 Hours
  • Fears of Reel Creator 00:10:07
  • Reel Mistakes that people do ? Part-1 00:09:49
  • Reel Mistakes that people do ? Part-2 00:15:07
  • How to Overcome Fear 00:07:18
  • Tone of communication 00:09:01
Type of Reels
3 Lessons 00:45:01 Hours
  • Types of Reels Creators 00:08:34 Preview
  • Types of Reels (Part-1) 00:15:51
  • Types of Reels (Part-2) 00:20:36
Secrets of Viral Reels
9 Lessons 01:14:46 Hours
  • Reel Basics 00:11:26
  • Types of Instagram Effects 00:15:30
  • How to Create Hook 00:05:30
  • Look for Content Ideas 00:07:29
  • How to Design Captions 00:06:15
  • A- Attract 00:03:16
  • P- Problem 00:03:46
  • A- CTA 00:05:04
  • Hints of Viral Reels 00:16:30
How to Edit Videos like Professional
6 Lessons 00:57:23 Hours
  • Tools for Creating Video 00:12:28
  • How to Edit Videos like Professional (Part- 1) 00:12:04
  • How to Edit Videos like Professional (Part- 2) 00:15:07
  • How to Edit Videos like Professional (Part- 3) 00:05:12
  • How to Edit Videos like Professional (Part- 4) 00:04:31
  • How to Edit Videos like Professional (Part- 5) 00:08:01
Bonus Video
1 Lessons 00:07:45 Hours
  • Bonus Video 00:07:45
  • No RequireHave access to a smartphone and a consistent internet connectionments
  • No prior experience with Instagram required
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This is the complete course on Instagram Reel Mastery. Trainer is a successful Intagram Reel creator and his many of the videos went viral. In this course, Mr. Vaibhav has put his entire experience so that you should not go through with all those mistakes that he has already done and learnt.

In this course you will learn everything available in Instagram Reel in easy language.

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About the instructor
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Vaibhav Kesaarwani is a Digital Entrepreneur and known as DigitalVaibhav on Social Media platform. He is a Professional video editor and working as a Freelancer for many individuals and companies.

In addition to that, he has a passion in training people on video editing so that any aspirant who wants to learn on video editing for personal or Professional reasons, can easily learn and do it on his own.

Through hi sonline and offline training programmes, he has trained thousands of students on the art of Video editing.

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  • Sat, 22-Apr-2023
    Venktesh Raju
    Its Good Course ! Thanks
  • Sun, 23-Apr-2023
    Vikram Bhatt
    I have successfully growm my Instagram account over 27,000 followers in just few months, after joining Advance Instagram Reel Mastery by Skills Tech ! Thanks for providing such a lovely course.
  • Thu, 27-Apr-2023
    Ujjwal Ghosh
    A very complete and up-to-date course, with the right balance between practical examples and some theory. The instructors are highly skilled, and the lectures are not only extremely useful but also very enjoyable to watch.
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