The Skills Tech Partner program provides several benefits to its partners, including:

Free beginner level course enrollment and dual branding on certificates: Partners can enroll their students in beginner level courses for free, and receive dual branding on the certificates issued upon completion. This can help partners provide valuable learning opportunities to their students while also showcasing their partnership with Skills Tech.

Revenue sharing options for selling advance level courses: Partners can sell advanced level courses to their users and receive a share of the revenue generated from the sales. This provides an opportunity for partners to earn additional income while also providing their users with access to high-quality, advanced-level courses.

Course uploading for revenue generation: Partners can upload their own courses to the Skills Tech platform and earn revenue from course sales. This provides partners with a platform to showcase their own expertise and reach a wider audience, while also earning income from their courses.

Overall, the Skills Tech Partner program provides partners with a range of benefits that can help them provide valuable learning opportunities to their students and earn additional income through course sales and revenue sharing.

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