Sanchi Connect

About Me

The journey from doctor to entrepreneur. A decade in ecosystem, still it isn’t easy. Felt something is not right…

Fund raising was thousand-piece jigsaw and I was too trivial to understand it. Few angel networks who would individually ask you to fill a lengthy application form but, will hardly get you any response. As a founder, I was high on energy and optimistic with every submission, which would die down eventually. Somehow, I managed to raise initial rounds.

Fast-forward to 2022 when the ecosystem is mature, with plethora of startups coming every year, no dearth of investors and government has opened all arms to support growth. Interestingly the process to discover and connect with investors however still remains the same and to my wonder the problem of no hear back too has not changed.

When it comes to deep tech and disruptive tech ideas, it is even bigger because large part of the investor ecosystem don’t understand tech disruptions and their future possibilities. In a privately held survey, 87% founders agrees that the fund-raising cycle in India still remains >4 months with additional months if you represent deep tech.

We conceptualized Sanchi connect with a deep commitment to enable scaling and democratization of Indian deep tech and emerging tech solutions worldwide. This bold vision requires few corrective actions including critical reduction in time spent on fund raising by founders, world class talent access, reach within enterprise ecosystem and network of service providers with capability to readily serve and meet expectation of startups.

Within first 20 days of MVP and inbox full of messages from founders sharing their quick interaction stories on multiple fronts validated our hypothesis. It’s great to read these letters, and the enthusiasm is our fire now to make it happen at scale since it’s about all of US.