Know Your Customer Mastery

Mother of all marketing activity. Marketing starts with Identifying Your customers. Here you learn what is KYC for a business's marketing purpose, how to do it and what is the benefits of Knowing Your Customers.

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What will i learn?
  • Identify Your Target Market
  • Write Better Content and Increase Customer Attention
  • Plan Better Ad Campaigns and Get More Leads and Sales

Curriculum for this course
11 Lessons 00:55:27 Hours
KYC Mastery
3 Lessons 00:18:33 Hours
  • Why Do You Need to Know Your Customers 00:03:50
  • What is in KYC Mastery 00:04:18 Preview
  • How KYC Mastery Can Help You 00:10:25
KYC Mastery - 8 Elements of KYC Framework
8 Lessons 00:36:54 Hours
  • Your Target Market 00:04:36
  • Goals and Aspirations of Your Target Market 00:05:00
  • Pain Points of Your Target Market 00:04:00
  • Objections of Your Target Market 00:05:18
  • Motivation to Purchase Your Products or Services 00:04:25
  • Values and Beliefs of Your Target Market 00:03:40
  • Language and Tone of Your Target Market 00:04:30
  • How Your Target Market Consume Media? 00:05:25
  • Laptop or Mobile
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The "Know Your Customers Mastery" (KYC Mastery) course is a special class that helps marketers and advertisers understand their customers better and connect with them effectively.

It's really important in today's competitive market to know what customers like, how they behave, and what they need. This helps marketers make successful marketing plans and get more people to use their products. In this course, you'll learn a lot about doing research and understanding customers. You'll learn how to collect and understand information about customers, like their age, interests, and how they buy things. By knowing your customers well, you can make better ads, give them personalized experiences, and show them why your product is great. During the course, you'll try different tools to learn about customers. You'll do surveys, talk to groups of people, interview customers, and listen to what they say on social media.

You'll also learn how to find different groups of customers and create profiles of the people you want to reach. And you'll learn how to use special ways to understand the information you collect from customers, so you can make good choices and do better marketing. When you finish the "Know Your Customer Mastery" course, you'll have the skills and knowledge to make outstanding marketing campaigns that connect with the people you want to reach.

You'll be able to use data to make good choices, make your product look great, and tell people why they should choose it. This course will help you make more customers like your brand and make your business grow. Whether you're already a product marketer or just starting, the "Know Your Customer Mastery" course has a lot of helpful things to teach you. It will give you great ideas and tools to make your marketing better and give your customers an amazing experience.

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